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Salvatore and Providenza Ardizzone Caito

80 Years of Marriage

Submitted by Paul J Caito

This is my grandfather's oldest brother and his wife, Salvatore Ardizzone Caito and Providenza Ardizzone Caito (they were first cousins, hence the same surname) who were married for 80 years, they were born and married in Termini. At the time of their Anniversary in January, 1987; they were the oldest married couple in California and the second oldest married couple in the USA. Their wedding story was carried across the AP wire services during the second week of January that year and were on "60 minutes" to boot. In April of '87, one of the spouses of the oldest married couple died, and Salvatore and Providenza became the oldest married couple in the US. Salvatore and Providenza died within a week of each other in October, 1987; he was 105 years old and she was .97 years old!!

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